Top 10 Free FM Resources
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Building a Better Workplace - From Technology to Wellbeing

 • How to promote workplace wellbeing across generations
 • Creating a workplace free from drug abuse
 • How can FM and IT work together in intelligent buildings
 • What are the risks of smart buildings? 4 myths debunked

Facilities managers are adopting a more holistic approach to designing a workplace, adopting not just innovative smart technologies, but also wellbeing strategies to construct an office on a human scale.

The Future is BIM
FM - Adapt & Adopt or Get Left Behind

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  Can value be demonstrated for existing buildings?
 Why has there been a low uptake on BIM to date?
 • Are FMs taking advantage of other developments to manage their buildings?

The FM sector continues to speculate about building information modelling (BIM); how it’s changing the ways that buildings are constructed and maintained, how to turn BIM data into valuable information to understand building performance, whether BIM is relevant for existing buildings as well as new and the benefits and the practicalities around its adoption.

The Smart Buildings eBook, Sponsored by ENGIE

 • Dealing with misperceptions of smart buildings
 • Future trends: Where are we heading with smart buildings?
 • Wanted: Engineering skills to smarten up cities
 • Getting off the ground - advice on where to start

Everyone is talking about smart buildings today – at least, everyone involved in facilities and energy management. But do we really understand what smart buildings are, what they can do for our businesses and how we can implement them? All of these questions – and many more – are explored in this eBook.

The Road to Wellbeing

Brought to you by SHP.

 • How to address mental health in the workplace
 • Are lunch breaks important for staff health?
 • Risk assessment - what are you doing wrong?
 • How to reduce stress and strengthen the resilience of lone workers

The health and safety profession has shouted about safety and whispered about health. There is a total shift towards wellbeing as a focus within the workplace. This eBook covers mental health, macho culture, bullies, soft skills, tackling work-related health and lone worker happiness.

Technology & Innovation in the Facilities Management Industry

  • How is technology changing FM?
 • What FM jobs can be made more effective with IoT?
 • Are there any negative consequences of this increase of IoT technology?
 • Where is Artificial Intelligence being used at the moment in FM?

Technology and product innovations are essential to the evolution of the facilities management industry, whether it is the latest integrated technology taking smart buildings by storm or energy saving solutions to slash waste. The team at Facilities Show have spoken to a few experts within the field to bring you an overview of technology in the industry.

Top 10 IoT Challenges FMs Face and How to Solve Them

 • Reactive cultures and proactive cultures
 • Digital papertrails, accountability, digital forms and e-signatures
 • Time leaks and automation
 • Keeping track of compliance guidelines

As the pillar of communication in many projects, facilities managers still have to deal with a number of challenges that smart buildings and IoT are only now getting around to. This guide will help you identify the biggest challenges that come with the job and a solution for each.

Flexible Working Case Study

 • Behind the scenes at Facilities Show's headquarters, 240 Blackfriars
 • Slashing energy usage and automating power off
 • Shifting to a mobile working culture
 • Integrating systems and technical requirements

The organizers of Facilities Show, were the anchor tenant who triggered the development of the new Southbank skyscraper and the office space has now been officially recognised as one of the most sustainable in the country, with a LEED platinum rating (and a LEED score of 86 points). 

Your Guide to Flexible Working

 • Have there been an increase in organisations moving to flexible working?
 • What types of organisations are suited to flexible working?
 • What is the biggest challenge when creating a flexible working environment?
 • From research, what are the main reasons people love flexible working?

Advances in technology along with the overhead costs of managing an office and the increasing importance of sustainable buildings has resulted into an increased shift towards flexible working. Dive into challenges, adoption techniques and cultural shifts.

Your Guide to Office Moves

 • Refurbishment vs office moves
 • Planning and communication
 • Organisation and management
 • Fixed or flexible environments
  Minimizing disruption for the rest of the business

Whether you are planning the next move, preparing your staff, dealing with teething issues of a new building or working through an over-flowing snag list every Facilities Manager can relate to the pressures of the job.

Property Owners Risk Management
Brought to you by Barbour.

 • Legal requirements
 • Full repairing and insuring leases
 • Multi-tenanted buildings
 • Controlling the risks
 • Statutory inspections and breakdown maintenance

Property owners, need first to understand the extent to which they have control over a property, in whole or part and then their health and safety and fire safety responsibilities.