18 - 20 June 2019
ExCeL London

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Ahead of the launch of Smart Buildings Expo at Facilities Show 2019, understand what smart buildings are, what they can do for our businesses and how we can implement them?
Facilities managers still have to deal with a number of challenges that smart building and IoT are only now getting around to tackling.
FM experts bring you an overview of technology in the industry, including AI, smart buildings and IoT.
We shout about safety and whisper about health. Cultivate wellbeing in your workplace.
The FM sector continues to speculate about building information modelling (BIM); how it’s changing the ways that buildings are constructed and maintained, how to turn BIM data into valuable information to understand building performance, whether BIM is relevant for existing buildings as well as new and the benefits and the practicalities around its adoption.
Behind the scenes at one of the most sustainable
buildings in the UK, 240 Blackfriars - London's smartest building.
Learn how to prevent the spread of germs, how to manage CAFM functionality and how ergonomics can prioritize wellbeing.
There's been a shift towards flexible working. Hear from experts about the challenges they've faced in adoption and what worked well.
For those planning the next move, preparing staff, dealing with a new building or working through a snag list, learn from experts.
Your guide to outsourcing Total Facilities Management. These are the positives and negatives of working with outsourced suppliers.
Regulations cover many functions of facilities management; repair, refurbishments, conversions, demolition and more. Download your free guide.
It's time for change. This report by Quora, researches the changing nature of work, from gender to wellbeing and sustainability and an FM's role in leading change.
Understand your legal requirements, repair procedures, risk management strategies and fire safety obligations to stay compliant. Get your copy now.
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